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IHC 2021 topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

HCI and Society

 – HCI in Society
 – Accessibility
 – Citizenship and electronic government
 – Culture and HCI
 – Digital literacy
 – Ethical and legal aspects in HCI
 – Gender and minorities
 – HCI professional in Industry
 – HCI research and education
 – Social aspects in HCI

Interaction techniques and styles

 – 3D Interfaces
 – Context sensitive interaction
 – HCI for mobile devices
 – Information visualization
 – Intelligent, adaptive and adaptable Interfaces
 – Multimodal Interfaces
 – Natural User Interfaces (NUI)
 – New displays interaction
 – New interaction paradigms
 – Tangible User Interfaces (TUI)

Interaction between areas

 – Collaborative systems and social media
 – Computational thinking and HCI
 – Education and HCI
 – Ergonomics and HCI
 – Internet of things
 – Machine Learning and HCI
 – Software Engineering and HCI
 – Sustainability and HCI
 – Ubiquitous computing and HCI
 – Virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR)

Specific Application Areas

 – Children interaction design
 – Digital entertainment
 – Digital legacy
 – Ecodesign
 – Game design and evaluation
 – Health and wellbeing
 – Smart cities and environments
 – Online communities, social networks and software, MOOCs

Design and evaluation of interactive systems

– Affective computing and emotional aspects in HCI
 – Communication and collaboration models for social software
 – Domain, task and user analysis
 – Empirical studies about user experience or technology impact
 – End user programming
 – Help and tutorials in HCI
 – Human values
 – Models, methods, formalisms, techniques and tools for interface design
 – Models, methods, formalisms, techniques and tools for interface evaluation
 – Participatory design

HCI Theories and theoretical approaches

 – Activity theory
 – Cognitive approaches
 – Cognitive Engineering and Distributed Cognition
 – Communication and collaboration theories
 – Organizational Semiotics
 – Semiotic approaches
 – Semiotic Engineering
 – Other theoretical approaches