Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction Education (WEIHC)

The Workshop on HCI Education (WEIHC), which will be held during IHC 2020, is the main Brazilian forum where HCI teachers, researchers and students, among others interested in the theme, have the opportunity to discuss, (re)think and share methods and tools for teaching and learning HCI.

In line with IHC 2021, WEIHC this year will be dedicated to “IHC education from Caburaí to Chuí”. The event will use technology to reduce geographic distance, allowing us to appreciate and understand cultural diversity in teaching HCI in Brazil. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, technology is more present than ever, part of our work, education and leisure routines. Technology has also reduced geographical distances, bringing borders and cultures closer together. Thus, at this year’s WEIHC we propose to reflect and discuss cultural diversity and its nuances, and how these differences impact the HCI teaching  in Brazil.

Such reflections may include studies and/or reports in which socio-cultural issues generated different scenarios for teaching HCI and/or fostered teaching practices in partnership with the Industry. Culture shows its diversity in different ways, for example: in the particularities of interactive systems and languages of interaction; users’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivations; in the adoption of teaching methods practiced at the University and/or introduced by the educating person, etc.

In the context of HCI, we encourage submissions that discuss one of the following topics:
 – impacts of social distance in the teaching practice,
 – results from the use of specific models for teaching in this pandemic context,
 – challenges of the online format for teachers and students,
 – alternative and innovative models,
 – learning management systems and other interaction and communication tools,
 – accessibility and inclusion,
 – teacher training and competencies,
 – perspectives for the future and HCI contributions in this scenario,
 – reports of experiences and practices i n partnership with Industry.

We believe that the HCI community has a lot to contribute to the challenge of rethinking teaching practices – whether they are in-person, hybrid or online – based on technologies and interaction and communication models that are adequate and accessible and inclusive interfaces with good usability.

Let’s do this together, in benefit of the evolution of education! We look forward to your reflections and experiences!


Submissions must be anonymized, may be written either in English or in Portuguese, and must follow the template of the Brazilian Computing Society (SBC). Submissions must contain between 4 to 6 pages (including figures, tables, diagrams, references and annexes). Authors should submit a PDF version of their paper through the JEMS system.


Each submission will be reviewed by at least three HCI researchers. Papers will be selected for publication and presentation based on the quality of the work, the relevance of the experience, and the work’s potential to motivate constructive discussions during the workshop. It is expected that the paper provides arguments about the relevance and implications of its findings to HCI education (preferentially supported by data collected in learning interventions).


At least one of the authors of accepted papers must register to IHC 2021 and present the paper during the workshop (exact time and location to be determined by the organizers). The accepted papers will be published in the Extended Proceedings of IHC 2021.


Luana Müller (PUCRS) – luana.muller@pucrs.br 
Luciana Salgado (UFF) – luciana@ic.uff.br

Important Deadlines

Submission deadline: July 2nd, 2021
Notification of results: August 9th, 2021
Submission of camera-ready: August 16th, 2021